Thursday, January 12, 2006

Stupid Case Evaluation #011

Listen carefully, dear reader:

There are TWO parts to a cordless telephone.

Most people already know this. You've got the part that you carry around, which is called a handset. Then you have the part that connects - and this is very important - to the telephone line. This is called a base unit.

Why do I consider this important? Because when I take a tech support call and someone tells me that their cordless telephone isn't working the first thing I will try is to re-register the handset and base unit. When I tell them to go to the base unit and they ask what that is, my blood pressure jumps right through the roof. It jumps further still when they ask me where their base unit is.

I have no crystal ball. I cannot see through my telephone to locate your base, moron. Here's a thought - follow the wire coming out of your phone jack!

"Well, where's that?"



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