Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Another Internal Stupid Error

It had to have been Monday.

Christmas shoppers clogged the streets on the way home from work last night. My normal route requires crossing a particularly busy intersection and going past the New Zealand equivalent of Wal-Mart (known as the Warehouse). I was one block away from where I worked, crossed the road where I thought it was clear, and saw Mr. Van at the very last second...

It was a comedy of errors. Neither he nor I saw each other coming. He had nowhere to swerve to due to some woman crossing over the stop-line coming the opposite direction to me. My brakes weren't good enough to stop in time. He was clipping along at a great rate of knots anyway. It was a recipe for disaster.

It was my fault. Technically, he had the right-of-way. But I had complained about this intersection for months to the city council, in editorials, and I'm not the only person who hates that intersection. Once every couple of weeks there's a smash-up there. Sadly, it was my turn.

Now my work car sits in our garage here at work (like I said, it was only one block away so I was able to limp her back). The nose has been shifted over about 3 inches. More than likely, she'll be written off. And I'm reduced to taking the bus.

So this morning as I waited at the bus-stop, it starts to rain...


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